Once a long, long time ago I read the cool novel Startide Rising by David Brin. The Uplift saga that the novel is a part of is about a universe full of different species. The only common connection between all these species is that another species made them intelligent, except for humanity. Other species were gunning for humanity simply because they had no up-lifter.

I didn't read any of the novels after that, and I wonder who uplifted humanity in the saga, or if they weren't uplifted, what was humanity's origin?


No one, or you're never told. Most of the humans believe that they evolved on their own as a "Wolfling" species, though there are fringes that latch on to various alien civilizations as humanities progenitors...Those are usually cast as somewhat deluded.

If you're going to read more of that series, read The Uplift War...It is the best, by far. It's on my "best of all time" list. I also liked Sundiver, though that's a bit more of a prequel.

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    I, personally, really like the second trilogy he did. The Brightness Reef, Infinity's Shore, and Heaven's Reef trilogy. I just finished them and they are excellent books. – Daniel Bingham Dec 15 '11 at 18:33

In the books so far published, no one has been credibly presented as a candidate for the species that uplifted humanity. The Galactics insist someone must have done it, but we the readers are not necessarily expected to take that as the gospel truth. It seems that Earth was left fallow for an extremely long time, which suggests that someone (probably in the Migration department) doctored records or manipulated policy to prevent Galactic colonization of Earth. But that doesn't mean that they interfered in the development of humanity directly.


i believe that the progenitors and humans are one and the same. the progenitors after setting up their galactic empire had only one way to ensure that they could return to keep things running correctly.by seeding a world with their own dna which would eventuaqly evolve into the human being.

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