Men go outside Arda to the Timeless Halls when they die. Elves and Dwarves to the Halls of Mandos, i assume Hobbits have the same fate as Men. so where do Orcs go after they die or are Killed? do they stay within the confines of Arda? rot where they lie? leave the world? is there information pertaining to this?

  • @randal'thor not really the same question
    – Fingolfin
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  • @Fingolfin That was a sneaky comment edit! ;-) Agreed it's not the same question, but doesn't the answer there solve this question too?
    – Rand al'Thor
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  • @randal'thor that answer doesnt really provide an actual answer as to whether Orcs leave the world or not
    – Fingolfin
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  • @JasonBaker that may be an answer to this question, where does it say that? which book?
    – Fingolfin
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