I'm trying to remember the name of a feature scifi cartoon. I can't remember much about the film but I think the main character was a boy called Orion. There was a scene set in a sort of desert with cyborgs that would capture humans in order to take their organs and limbs to make themselves more human.


This sounds like Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, a 1985 animated sci-fi adventure film. The main character is named Orin, not Orion, but the rest fits.

In the future on a planet named Trinia, human slaves have lived underground for millennia mining crystals for a "god" named Zygon and his robot minions. One day Orin, a young miner, finds a jeweled sword embedded in the rocks. Hopps, grandfather of Orin's girlfriend Elan, recognizes the sword and gives his life to save Orin and keep the sword a secret.


Orin digs a tunnel to the surface of Trinia, where he is later captured by Man-Droids, a group of decaying half-organic, half-robotic beings who intend to tear him apart and use his body parts to replace their own.

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(I found this by Googling "sci-fi cartoon orion".)

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