In Star Wars: The Force Awakens,

do the Resistance and Rey, Leia, etc. (all characters considered to be part of the good side) know that Supreme Leader Snoke exists and is the mastermind behind the First Order and Kylo Ren? Or is Snoke unknown to them and operating in shadow?

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    Doesn’t Han mention Snoke when he confronts Kylo Ren? – alexwlchan Dec 20 '15 at 22:44
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    He does - something to the effect of "Snoke is just using you for your power" – NKCampbell Dec 20 '15 at 22:47


Leia (aka Resistance leader General Organa) tells Han that Snoke was the one who corrupted their son Ben

into becoming Kylo Ren

From Alan Dean Foster novelization:

First we have Maz discussing Snoke with Han:

“I need you to get this droid to the Resistance…,” Han said.
“Me?” Maz said archly.
“…and the loan sounds good too.”
“I see you’re in trouble,” Maz said. “I’ll help you find passage—avoid Snoke’s hunter squads — but this journey to the Resistance isn’t mine to take, and you know it.”

And then Leia's chat with him

“We both did,” Leia admitted.
He met her eyes steadily. “We’ve lost our son, forever.”
Leia bit her lower lip, refusing to concede. “No. It was Snoke".

She even admits she knew this for a long time - so this knowledge isn't merely from the year The Force Awakening is in:

Han drew back slightly. “Snoke?”
She nodded. “He knew our child would be strong with the Force. That he was born with equal potential for good or evil.”
“You knew this from the beginning? Why didn’t you tell me?”
She sighed. “Many reasons

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  • The novelization is great, so much cannon answers from them. – Alessandro Sanfilippo Dec 21 '15 at 14:26


General Leia Organa, leader of the Resistance, knows about Snoke. Since Han, Leia, and Luke1 all know about Snoke, it makes sense that the Resistance would also know about him.

  • Han and Leia talk about Snoke, mentioning him by name.

    HAN: We’ve lost our son, forever.

    LEIA: No. It was Snoke.

  • Later Han says something along the lines of

    HAN: Snoke is just using you for your power, and then he'll discard you.

  • Han and Leia were together when their son

    was persuaded to betray Luke and follow the Dark Side by Snoke.

[1] - Luke's own student was seduced by Snoke to join the Dark Side. If Ben's parents know about that, I'm sure Luke, Ben's trainer, would too.

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