Everyone has their own opinions but to me Star Wars: The Force Awakens felt like it was previous movies stitched together.

How many scenes are essential copy cat ideas of previous films (excluding A New Hope)?

Possible scenes

The Millenium Falcon being sucked up and Rey and Finn hiding under the bridge (same as Luke and Han Solo), the BB-8 essentially having secret information (R2-D2 & C3P-O had similar information), and the death planet being blown up (similar to the Death Star).

This is rather similar although I am explicitly excluding "A New Hope" so it should be different.

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To say the film is a patchwork or rehash of old ideas is to misunderstand the very nature of the narrative style employed in the overall scope of the main series to begin with. Rooted in eastern mysticism: its cyclical. The same themes, ideas, etc...will always be at play

Certainly most of the comparisons will be with A New Hope because this is the first film in the new trilogy - however,

  • The lightsaber stuck in the snow recalls Empire Strikes Back

  • Snoke/Ren holographic conversations evoke Empire Strikes Back

  • Han and Leia's musical motif is from Empire Strikes Back

  • The final battle is more Return of the Jedi than New Hope due to

    a ground team needed to lower shields, bunker explosions, and a lone ship diving into the heart of the mechanism to deliver the final blow

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    The visual design of the resistance base alone evokes Yavin, Hoth and Home One all at once. – SteveCav Dec 21 '15 at 5:34
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