My question is fairly simple. I can't seem to find any canon source on this, so I thought I'd ask it.

Where do Lightsabers originate? And who was the first to create one?

  • Disney canon only or EU/Legends? – DVK-on-Ahch-To Dec 21 '15 at 12:52
  • 2
    I'm guessing you didn't spot this; starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lightsaber – Valorum Dec 21 '15 at 12:59
  • Any canon answer really. I have read that page @Richard, but it doesn't seem to describe where the tradition was first created, and anybody that was first involved in this tradition. – John Bell Dec 21 '15 at 13:19
  • In the book Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void they use metal swords imbued with the force which are as precious as light sabers. None of the books really go into lightsaber development unfortunately. – Hatandboots Dec 22 '15 at 7:10

In Legends EU, starting with the Jedi's predecessors, the Je'daii Order, there were Force-imbued blades, which were later replaced with Forcesabers, whose technology then lead to Protosabers, which finally evolved into lightsabers.

  • Great! That's exactly what I was looking for, thankyou. I also found this thanks to your links, which is essentially the first ever Lightsaber proper. So it looks like all my questions are pretty much answered. – John Bell Dec 22 '15 at 9:36

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