The estimated population of the planet Coruscant was well over 1 trillion, and the planet itself acted as the 'capital city' of the galaxy.

Why was there not more of a big deal made about the

destruction of Coruscant and all its inhabitants by the First Order's big new shiny laser?

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Coruscant was not destroyed

The planets that were destroyed were Hosnian Prime and four other unnamed planets in the Hosnian system.

From the Alan Dean Foster novelization:

"General, the Republic Command — the entire Hosnian system — it's all...gone."

(Chapter XII)


"Until the Hosnian system was eliminated, we didn't even know such a weapon existed."

(Chapter XIII)

So, there's no deal to be made concerning Coruscant.

Reaction to Hosnian massacre

As for the reaction to the destruction of Hosnian Prime and the other Hosnian planets, I feel it is necessary to point out that The Force Awakens takes place over the course of only a few days, and that the Resistance is very preoccupied during that time — especially after the destruction of the Hosnian system. We don't really have enough time to see or gauge any general reaction. Quite literally, the dust has not settled yet.

That being said, the novelization gives us some insight into Leia's feelings on the massacre:

First Alderaan, now the Hosnian system. No one, she knew, should have to be witness to the death of an entire world. She had been subjected to two. It must not be allowed to happen again.

(Chapter XII)

Her feelings are likely echoed throughout the Resistance.

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