The story is about a young woman turning into a cat. I read it (in German) about twenty years ago. It was published in a collection of cat stories - I remember Poe's 'The Black Cat' being among them.

  • Her unhappy relationship with a man is an big part of the story - he is either about to leave her for another woman, or emotionally neglects her, or is oblivious to her love, can't remember which. Anyway, the guy and his neglect/ abandonment/ obliviousness are the catalyst for her transformation into a cat.
  • The woman first develops an aversion to water, making cleaning herself a complicated chore. Her behaviour also becomes more catlike in other ways. However, there are no physical changes until the very end, when she runs away because of something the guy does, starts feeling strange and disappears into the night.
  • The guy searches for her, can't find her and is desparate. After a few days he finds a beautiful cat - the former woman - near his home. He takes the cat into his home and keeps her. The story ends with him offering milk first - which the cat refuses - and finest cream afterwards.
  • There's a strong vibe that this is a happy ending - with her being more independant and less needy of his affection in her feline form, and with him finally being able to express warmth/love towards her.
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    Not 100% sure, but could it have been Val Lewton’s short story The Bagheeta which inspired the film Cat People? – JakeGould Dec 25 '15 at 23:17
  • I think I've read this, but I can't remember where. May have been in an Ellery Queen magazine or one of the many Alfred Hitchcock anthologies. – Joe L. Dec 26 '15 at 5:54

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