Is Anakin Skywalker the only Jedi to produce children?

Please separate answers into canon film and other sources.

  • TIL: "Jo Jo was a Gungan, one of Jar Jar Binks' three children". Dec 26 '15 at 2:22
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    If you can prove Jar Jar was a Jedi that would be more interesting than the original question. Unfortunately I think concensus is he's not.
    – Tom B
    Dec 26 '15 at 2:38

Disney Canon:

  • Anakin Skywalker => Luke & Leia

  • Leia Organa => Ben (unknown last name) aka Kylo Ren. In all fairness, she never became a Jedi that we know outside EU/Legends, so this may not count.


Way way way way too many to count. Notable (or just random) examples include:

  • A whole bunch of Jedi children in aptly named "Children of the Jedi" book by Barbara Humbly

  • Corran Horn was a grandson of a Jedi

  • Sharad Hett's son who became important in EU timeline. In all fairness, that was AFTER he resigned from Jedi order officially.

  • There was one Jedi who was explicitly permitted to marry (several wives) and have children because his species was basically going extinct as it was.

  • As far as I recall, many students at Luke's Jedi Academy were Jedi descendants. That was one of the way he searched for them.

    • Kam Solusar's father was a Jedi Master

    • Ta'ania's mother was a child of a Jedi Master

    • Margolis Mingla (Cray Mingla's mother) was a child of a Jedi.

  • Keiran Halcyon (Corran Horn's ancestor from 400 BBY, so well after Old Republic and Jedi new family rules)

  • All the main protagonists who were Jedi (Luke+Mara Jade and Leia) had children. Luke and Mara had several generations of descendents, ending with Kor and then Cade Skywalkers.

  • Obviously, going back to Old Republic times, Jedi were allowed to marry and have kids, until the rules changed around Great Sith War.

  • Was Leia a Jedi in Disney Canon? Or just very force sensitive?
    – user12183
    Dec 26 '15 at 2:29
  • May be worth explicitly calling out the second and third generations of Skywalkers//Organa-Solos Dec 26 '15 at 2:29
  • @MichaelT - fair enough Dec 26 '15 at 2:31
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    @RemyLebeau - Is there canon proof it's not Ben Organa? I thought it was not clarified? (and see my clarification for Leia - that's exactly what I said :) Dec 26 '15 at 3:55
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    @RemyLebeau - His name is Ben Thrawn. There, now a site says that's his name. What do you mean you want proof? Dec 26 '15 at 19:54

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