In The Force Awakens when the protagonists reach Maz Kanata’s castle and are abruptly attacked by the Kylo Ren and the First Order, an unnamed Stormtrooper has a scuffle with Finn, showing off his bad-ass riot control baton and taking down Finn in the process, who was armed with the lightsaber. He is unfortunately killed by Han moments later.

Riot Control Stormtrooper

For some reason this has turned into a meme, with many dubbing him TR-8R, or Tray Tor because of what he says to Finn. Does he actually have a real name?

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    Can't wait for the retcon that makes his name officially TR-8R!
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Update: The Starwars.com website have officially named this character as FN-2199, one of the stormtrooper trainees who served with Finn in the star wars prequel novel Before the Awakening

MEET FN-2199, A.K.A. TR-8R:

His name is FN-2199. But his friends call him “Nines.” As detailed in Greg Rucka’s excellent book Before the Awakening, Nines trained and served on a squad with Finn (then FN-2187) in the First Order. That explains why he seems just a little extra angry upon seeing Finn during the attack on Maz’s Castle. You can see FN-2199 in the image below by Phil Noto from Before the Awakening — he’s the trooper seated in the background with red hair. Who’d have thought?

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Hat tip to @AlfredoHernández

There's not been a character name released for him yet. The official Star Wars Databank refers to him as...

"Riot Control Stormtrooper"

and the screenplay just refers to him as "Stormtrooper"

FINN SURPRISES A STORMTROOPER WITH THE LIGHTSABER, then another! Untrained, he's athletic, brave, impressive. One Stormtrooper has a MACE --


FINN and the TROOPER WITH THE MACE battle. The Mace Trooper KNOCKS FINN DOWN! The Stormtrooper is about to end him, when THE STORMTROOPER IS SHOT AND FALLS!

He's not named in the film's junior novelisation

The troopers were as startled as Finn when he sliced through armor, bone, and flesh. Two he cut down immediately. The third trooper dropped his rifle and brandished a melee weapon of his own, a riot control baton that crackled with blue electricity. Finn swung at him, but the trooper ducked and shoved Finn backward, off his feet. The trooper had raised his baton to finish Finn when a blaster bolt finished the trooper instead.

Nor in the Official Novelisation

A third came at him with a close-quarters weapon and the two locked in combat. Despite lack of any training with a lightsaber, Finn was athletic and courageous. In tandem with such traits, the saber made him a formidable fighter.

The trooper who had engaged Finn was big, strong, and agile. Finn realized the fight would have long since been over if not for the trooper’s regard for the lethal potential of the lightsaber. That didn’t stop him from finally knocking Finn to the ground and raising his own weapon for a killing strike—only to fall backward, shot before he could deliver the blow.

Nor in any of the film's official merchandise

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enter image description here


Not in the current canon.

  • He's not credited specially as far as I know by name

    (the only 2 credited are Michael Giacchino's FN-3181, and Nigel Godrich's FN-9330; neither of them is described by anyone as being in that scene. One was supposedly the one arresting Poe, another one was supposedly the one Han shot first on Starkiller base later)

  • He has no name in the Foster's novelization

  • There's no specific trooper mentioned as excelling with melee weapon in the prequel novel "Before the Awakening".

There's a chance that (based on him yelling "Traitor") he's one of Finn's close chums in the prequel book. Since Slip (FN-2003) was presumably - at least based on how he was described in the prequels - the one who got himself killed off on Jakku (and even if not, the one Finn always helped before so I don't see him insulting Finn and trying to kill him), that leaves:

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    It's definitely Nines: starwars.com/news/… Jan 7, 2016 at 18:42
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Nines has apparently been confirmed as the squadmate who dies and streaks blood on Finn's mask. Zeros is a strong melee focused trooper who seems to have always had a beef with Finn. Nothing is for sure, but the good betting money is that "TR-8R" is actually FN-2000. Plus, if you see the guy he looks pretty awesome with his helmet off, with a big face scar and everything, so personally I'd love it to be him.


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