In the Star Wars films, the character Chewbacca doesn't speak Basic/English like the bulk of the cast. Instead he speaks Shyriiwook, a language of growls/barks/etc.

Is someone (the actor, or a voice actor off-camera) saying his lines during filming? Or is it recorded after filming and dubbed?


It looks like he spoke them in English on the set.

As further evidence, Peter Mayhew comments on how his spoken dialog on-set was largely improvised in this Q&A.

I can answer this. For A New Hope there were lines. In the Documentary that came with the original trilogy (sorry I forgot the name) there is a raw clip of the scene where Obi-wan leaves the crewin the controll room. Chewie: That old mans crazy ! Han: You said it buddy.

Actually, I said: "The old man is mad" and I just made that up on set. Did that a lot back then. But hey, everybody knows what Chewie said....

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    I wonder if any of the actors knew what he would eventually sound like – Daft Jan 4 '16 at 11:44

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