In the Star Wars films, the character Chewbacca doesn't speak Basic/English like the bulk of the cast. Instead he speaks Shyriiwook, a language of growls/barks/etc.

Is someone (the actor, or a voice actor off-camera) saying his lines during filming? Or is it recorded after filming and dubbed?

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It looks like he spoke them in English on the set.

As further evidence, Peter Mayhew comments on how his spoken dialog on-set was largely improvised in this Q&A.

I can answer this. For A New Hope there were lines. In the Documentary that came with the original trilogy (sorry I forgot the name) there is a raw clip of the scene where Obi-wan leaves the crewin the controll room. Chewie: That old mans crazy ! Han: You said it buddy.

Actually, I said: "The old man is mad" and I just made that up on set. Did that a lot back then. But hey, everybody knows what Chewie said....

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    I wonder if any of the actors knew what he would eventually sound like
    – Daft
    Jan 4, 2016 at 11:44

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