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Is there anything to confirm whether or not falcons exist in the Star Wars Universe? If they don't then what is the in-universe reason for the name of the Millennium Falcon?

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    does anyone in the movies ever use the word 'millenium' to mean 1000 years?
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    @Moogle in which case, I would also assume "Falcon" is just a translation from Galactic Basic, to English, of some random bird-type thing. No proof, though :)
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    Do they have the letter "X" in their alphabet to call it an X-Wing?
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The bat-falcon was a swift species of flying creatures. It inspired the name of the starship Millennium Falcon.



The snow falcon was an avian native to Rhinnal.


The spire falcon was a bird native to the planet Coruscant. It was at the top of the food chain of animals such as gully rats, grate toads, ferro-worms, and trantor pigeons.


Regarding canon - other than the Falcon name it appears not. It seems an unnecessary question imo - one could engage in ever increasing navel gazing over the necessity of language use in the film. Do ducks exist in canon? They are referenced in Episode 1. Does a Star Wars duck look like a duck and walk like a duck or is it different from an earth duck?

The name itself inherently implies that such a creature exists in some form and that is swift and agile. This is the simplest and logical explanation

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    Disney have really made these things difficult. I'll leave this open for a bit to see if there's a canon answer, otherwise I'll accept this. Either way have an upvote.
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  • @Moogle - truth!
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    "Trantor pigeons"? That's an amusing shout-out to the probable inspiration for Coruscant... Commented Jan 7, 2016 at 18:17

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