In the sixth book of the Night-Watch-Cycle

Anton loses all his powers.

Also, in the spinoff School Watch a djinn appears, which can draw things into existence. this spinoff plays before the sixth book as answered here:

Do both series play at the same time?

In the story of the spinoff, the djinn creates a new fuaran. Also, after some other stuff happened, the djinn extracts its essence into a bottle, which is given to the inquisition.

Since this essence could be used to create a new fuaran, I was wondering if the person from the main story could regain all powers.


Yes... in theory

As you mentioned, Fuaran is a book that can turn a human into Other, by lowering their "magical temperature".

Now, if I remember right at least one copy of Fuaran still exists (one used by Kostya), then the witch Arina reconstructed it again to increase the power of Kostya's father. Since she has never been captured (and she has a VERY good memory), she could probably re-write the book again. Also, Nadya has almost unlimited power and only lacks experience.

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