In Return of the Jedi we see Leia wearing a Boushh helmet.

enter image description here

In Deep Space Nine episode 5.15 (By Inferno's Light) we see a prisoner wearing what appears to be the same helmet.

My question is: In DS9 episode 5.15 (By Inferno's Light) is one of the prisoners wearing Leia's Boushh helmet from Return of the Jedi?

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    Hawkguy, I thought it was very similar to Leia's helmet from Return of the Jedi when I first caught sight of the Breen as well. – 22nd Century Fza Jan 13 '16 at 5:20

No, it's not the same prop, nor is it a replication of it. While the Breen (the episode you're asking about is the first appearance) wear suits that look a great deal like the Boushh costume, that's as far as the connection goes.

Here you can see many details differ between Boushh and Breen:

Picture of Breen prisoner

The top of the Breen helmet is taller than Boushh, there's one 'eye' slit in the Breen helmet vs. 2 in the Boushh helmet. And the Breen helmet lacks Boushh's distinctive snout design.


Besides @Keen's answer, see @Praxis's answer here which I have included below, which talks about the origin of the Breen design.

The Breen vs. the Ubese bounty hunters

enter image description here

This is probably the best and most definitive example of a character's appearance being copied between the two works. Many Internet forums report the existence of an interview in which Deep Space Nine costume designer Robert Blackman addressed the Breen issue explicitly, indicating that the Breen helmet was based directly on the Ubese helmet (specifically, Leia's in Return of the Jedi), and that this was intended as an homage.

If I can locate a transcript or video of the interview, I will add it here.

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