Frank Oz is the voice actor who plays Yoda, both in The Force Awakens and the rest of the Star Wars films. But he also plays Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Animal, and Sam Eagle, in addition to previous roles as Cookie Monster, Bert, and Grover.

Has Frank Oz commented on the similarities between Yoda and any of his other characters?

There are significant similarities in voice inflections between some of these characters. This would be expected from the same actor. But has he commented on personality similarities?




I am interested in this, but I don't have an answer, so I will post things if I find them.

In this interview, Frank Oz says that the thing he likes most about Yoda is that, if there was only one piece of candy left on a plate, Yoda would demand the piece of candy for himself and practically steal it. Frank Oz said this character trait balanced out the Zen Master aspects of Yoda. So maybe Miss Piggy, Cookie Monster and Animal may be part of Yoda. The relevant section starts around 17:45 into the video.

In addition to Frank Oz's comment, the article at this link discusses George Lucas' intention that Yoda be a blend of Miss Piggy and Kermit The Frog. In fact, the article contains an embedded video of George Lucas himself saying that Yoda should look and feel like the child of Kermit and Piggy. @RogueJedi said this in a comment below. Here is a photo of Luke Skywalker with yoda and yoda's hypothetical parents:

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    The one thing we do know about Frank's relationship with all of these characters is that they were all very accommodating in allowing Frank to get elbow deep into their rears. A gentleman wouldn't discuss such things. (On a more serious note, I've always heard that Frank was eager to portray Yoda because he was a dramatic character, which was a welcome change to his typical comic children's roles.)
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Oz considers Yoda different from his other roles due to his complexity as a character.

From an interview with Orlando Sentinel [emphasis mine]:

Q: Your career, of course, is much more than just Yoda. Out of all the characters you’ve performed, what do fans bring up most?

Oz: Right now, it’s Yoda. For many, many years it was [Miss] Piggy. She now bubbles quietly under him in pop culture. I’d say now it’s 95 percent Yoda, because people associate him with these extraordinary stories. I love each of them. They’re all different and all have their own quirks and securities. Grover is easy to do, so I probably enjoy doing him the most. Yoda is a difficult, complex character.

In an interview with The Daily Beast he talks about how he considered Yoda different from his previous characters, but he ultimately approached the role in the same manner.

Oz: Well Yoda was different, because Yoda was written by George Lucas and Larry Kasdan, so that was a written character with his own design made by somebody else. But what I did with Yoda was pretty much what I did with everybody, which is ask very specific questions and get the Yoda history.

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