A friend recently pointed out to me that Beniko is an anagram of Kenobi. In addition, Lana, despite being a Sith, follows the path of the light so the choices she makes seem to be more in line with Ben's.

So is there any further similarities between these two characters? Have any Bioware devs indicated any intentional similarities besides the name?

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    Hmm. If only the leftover letters were also an anagram... – Valorum Jan 15 '16 at 23:45
  • The choices she makes are in line with the player character, and she approves of certain dark side choices too. (opting to not disable the reactor on Zakuul damaged by Vaylin right after being rescued from the cryo chamber at the start of KOTFE), so she isn't exactly following the light. – Rex Mar 24 at 6:09

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