At the end of "Thine Own Self," Skoran impales Data with a metal rod. This causes Data to shut down, and Skoran to be electrocuted. The latter screams in pain.

Does anything speak to Skoran's fate? Did he die?

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    I'm more interested in exactly why Data's innards have that much voltage to earth. – Stephen Collings Jan 21 '16 at 18:35

He probably does survive

Looking through several sources, the scene in question is described as follows:

-- Finally, Skoran rushes up and DRIVES a spear through Data's back, IMPALING him on the metal rod.

-- Data begins to jerk and there is a small SPRAY OF SPARKS from where he was stabbed.


No mention of Skoran being injured

(Data pours the compound into the well just as Skoran impales him and gets an electric shock for his effort. Data falls as Talur arrives)


So this indicates that Skoran was electrocuted, but we still don't know how significantly this impacted him.

Memory Alpha describes the scene as follows:

The blacksmith is shocked with electricity and Data collapses onto the ground, the pole going through his torso.

Skoran's page on Memory Alpha doesn't indicate he died from it.

Another important point is to consider Data's creation was after Lore's. Data was created with the intention to not harm beings after Lore began malfunctioning. Considering the details Dr Soong added to minimise harm to humans (e.g. installation of a flotation device in Data), it stands to reason that Data had a device installed to minimise any electric shocks delivered to individuals should his circuits be damaged.

Admittedly, it has been a while since I've seen the episode, but I don't recall seeing Skoran fall from the shock. If the shock had been sufficient to kill Skoran, it would have done so there and then. We see Data fall, but not Skoran. I think then that Skoran probably did not die from the electric shock.

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