The stories I recall and have been looking for for years may not all be in the same short story collection. I'm not sure. I remember sparse black and white illustrations in what I'm sure was a collection, though not sure all of what I remember came from it. It is probably a book for older elementary or early middle school age. Here is what I recall:

  • A girl on a school bus who sees the future and prevents a car wreck then later something about a prediction in home economics class where a girl gets cake batter on herself.
  • A girl no one believes has been abducted by aliens until she has an X-ray done and her organs have been replaced with mechanical parts.
  • A strange man with ill-fitting gloves at someone's funeral (narrator's uncle?) and it turns out he is alien paying respects to a human friend.
  • A boy? who can travel in other dimensions, perhaps not always by choice.

I don't think the author(s) would be any big name. Thanks in advance. I've looked so, so long for these!

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