The phrase 'Live Long and Prosper' is probably the most iconic phrase of Star Trek. So my question is which Star Trek character says the phrase 'Live Long and Prosper' the most times?

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    Do we have reason to believe this is anyone other than Spock?
    – Kevin
    Feb 9 '16 at 5:22
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    @Kevin we did, then the universe introduced a new law whereby 9 > 8, meaning that there is no tie. Go back to your stations everyone; nothing to worry about here! Feb 9 '16 at 5:40
  • How can we possibly know? I mean, 99.999% of their lives are not shown on screen. Feb 9 '16 at 13:48
  • I think it's safe to say that the OP is talking about known Star Trek characters. Feb 9 '16 at 15:56

Spock: 9 times

  • Star Trek 2009 (Spock Prime)
  • TOS 'The Savage Curtain'
  • The Voyage Home (twice)
  • TAS 'Yesteryear'
  • Wrath of Khan
  • TOS 'Is There In Truth No Beauty?'
  • TOS 'Assignment: Earth'
  • TOS 'Amok Time'

and in a very close second place comes

Tuvok: 8 times

  • VOY 'Revulsion'
  • VOY 'Year of Hell'
  • VOY 'Resolutions'
  • VOY 'Homestead' (twice)
  • VOY 'Counterpoint'
  • VOY 'Gravity'
  • VOY 'Shattered
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    I think it's safe to say that Worf is not third. Feb 9 '16 at 18:27

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