About 19 years ago I read a short story featuring, IIRC, a German WW2 officer, a Zulu warrior, and possibly a Roman centurion, who all wake to find they have been abducted and pitted in gladiatorial combat against alien beings.

I seem to recall the officer firing his Luger at some kind of armoured alien and the bullet ricocheting off its carapace, but otherwise I don't remember any specifics.

I believe the story may have been from the 60s or 70s.

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It's funny how these things work out... I was just reading through an old diary on the 20th anniversary of an overseas journey, and in an entry written almost 20 years ago to the day (November 27, 1996) I mentioned reading "Three Soldiers" from Starry Messenger: The Best of Galileo. Google reveals the story was written by D. C. (David) Poyer in 1978.

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