In Inception, I don't understand the ending where Cobb and Saito find themselves independently in limbo. Is it a coincidence that Cobb found Saito in limbo and that too just before the plane flight in the real-world arrives at its destination?

  • Hi Vivart. Your question is a little ambiguous. Are you asking whether it was a coincidence that he found Saiti just before the plane arrives? Commented Feb 25, 2012 at 19:19
  • @iandotkelly yeah i am asking the same thing. if this is a movie thing(hero found saito in limbo because we didn't have time and it was already 140 minute), it is ok. but i wanted to know if i am missing anything in logic?
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No coincidence; remember, the Realworld / Dreamworld time ratio keeps getting more and more severe as you go deeper and deeper. The amount of time he had to search in Limbo was tremendous; it would equate to a very short time in RL, so it being completed before the plane landed is no real surprise.

  • my doubt is, cobb is in some limbo and saito is in some other limbo and cobb just fall in empire of saito's limbo. It was just a coincidence or something else.
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    Commented Feb 25, 2012 at 19:58
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    Limbo is multiple dream levels down from reality and each level they go takes them farther from outside stimulus; very little exists except what they create with their own minds. Since Cobb and Fisher are still linked, however, it's not surprising that Cobb is able to find him; Fisher has shaped limbo by being there, and Cobb just entered -- the only stimuli currently present IS being generated by Fisher. Think of Limbo as a huge mental vacuum. If more than one person is there (and linked) it's inevitable that they will find each other; there's nothing else to find.
    – K-H-W
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Saito found Cobb. Or rather his men (projections) found Cobb. On the beach, where one arrive when entering limbo.

I think Cobb caught the kick out into the snow world and then re-entered limbo (possibly by dying in the exploding building). This explains why Cobb is young and Saito is old.

Saito had lived in limbo for a long time and monitored the beach, in case someone else came to limbo.

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