Looking for the name of a 1990s ANIMATED Horror/Sci-Fi Movie set in Space with people being infected and turning into mutants same vein as 'The Thing' possibly.

  • Are you certain it's not a more recent one like the Dead Space animated adaptations? – FuzzyBoots Feb 25 '16 at 15:49

This is a long shot: Could it be Lily C.A.T.? Note that there are two versions - one is subtitled English (Japanese dialogue spoken), one is dubbed to English. Crunchyroll will let you watch either version for free, but there will be commercials.

Crunchyroll's synopsis:

2264 A.D.: The Starship Saldes is sent into deep space to explore a newly discovered planet. The journey will take twenty years. The Saldes' crew of thirteen, mixing experienced space jockeys with eager but naive scientists, are prepared for anything -- except an unseen alien invader with an insatiable appetite. Along with the ominous force that takes over the ship's controls. The voyage becomes a grim struggle for survival in a vessel which has become a coffin orbiting the paradise world which was to be its destination.

Wikipedia says it has a 1987 release date.

I watched it a week ago. People are infected and turned into monsters after an alien "virus" gets into the ship while everyone is in cold-sleep. At the end of the movie (SPOILER)

it turns out that one passenger's cat was actually a robot with full control of the ship.

Though the movie is animated, some parts are rather gruesome, so don't let any little kids watch over your shoulder.

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