Many years ago as a teen I read a book that I've been thinking a lot about recently. It was a sci fi book about a teenage boy visiting relatives (uncle or grandparents maybe). In the shed he found some sort of portal that distorted time and he placed a clock on the other end to watch it through the portal.

What is this book?


It's possible that the book you're looking for is Singularity by William Sleator:

Sixteen-year-old identical twins Harry and Barry learn that their mysterious great-uncle has died, and his house and possessions now belong to their mother. The brothers travel to Sushan, Illinois to examine the house and its contents. Inside the cobweb-filled home, the rivaling brothers find mysterious animal skeletons and other odd objects. Outside Uncle Ambrose's residence, Harry and Barry find a small metal-reinforced building, which according to the accompanying keys, is called the "playhouse." When the twins explore the playhouse, they discover that the properties of time are altered inside, and the playhouse may explain the eccentricities of their great-uncle. When their quirky and cute neighbor Lucy enters their lives, competition between the twins escalates, and Harry makes a decision that will change the nature of their relationship forever.

Emphasis mine.

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