I learned from this question that Blue Harvest was the working title of Star Wars Episode VI (Return of the Jedi), and it made me wonder: did any of the other Star Wars films have similarly surprising working titles?

What were the working titles of the seven Star Wars films to date?

And what are the working titles, if any, of the planned eighth and ninth?

Please include sources for your answers.

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    "Blue Harvest" was a deceptive "cover title" to keep nosy Star Wars fans off production sites. That's not the usual meaning of "working title", which is what you call a project internally before choosing a final name. Commented Feb 27, 2016 at 3:40
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    Also, Episode VI was called Revenge of the Jedi before George Lucas realised that revenge was an emotion Jedi should be above, so he settled on Return of the Jedi. Promotional material exists with the older title.
    – SQB
    Commented Feb 28, 2016 at 8:49

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Episode I: The Beginning

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace used the working title The Beginning

Episode II: Jar- Jar's Big/Great Adventure

Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones used the working title Jar-Jar's Big Adventure or Jar-Jar's Great Adventure.

As an in-joke, the film's working title was Jar Jar's Big Adventure, a sarcastic reference to the negative fan response to the Episode I character.
- Wikipedia

Episodes III, IV, and V: No working titles

Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back don't seem to have had working titles while in production.

However, the early drafts of the script for Episode IV went by many names, including The Adventures of Luke Starkiller As Taken From the Journal of the Whills.

Episode VI: Blue Harvest

Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi used the working title Blue Harvest

enter image description here

Famously, Return of the Jedi was made under the title ‘Blue Harvest’, while the prequel trilogy was made under the name 'JAK Productions'.
- The Independent

Episode VII: Foodles

Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens apparently shared its working title with Abrams' production company: Foodles

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” had “Foodles” as a working title.
- IB Times

Episode VIII: Space Bear

Star Wars: Episode VIII seems to be using the working title Space Bear: Episode VIII, according to Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. The logo appears to include a picture of a panda.

enter image description here

The actress, who portrays the iconic character of Princess Leia, shared a picture of pet dog Gary resting on her on-set chair which bore the movie's tentative title "Space Bear: Episode VIII."
- IB Times

enter image description here
enter image description here

  • Is it me, or does anyone else think the bottommost photo looks shopped?
    – Mr Lister
    Commented Feb 27, 2016 at 15:07
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    Wait, you forgot the most famous working title of all, for A New Hope. At the time of filming, it was never referred to as A New Hope...
    – Mr Lister
    Commented Feb 27, 2016 at 15:09

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