The story is set on earth, post alien invasion war, humans mostly enslaved.

The story centers around a group of humans struggling to avoid capture, having to be careful where they go because there's pockets of radiation around. One of the humans is a girl, who I think was called Steelfinder.

The lead male character gets caught and called a rat by the aliens because they dont have a word for human. One of his friends rescues him by shutting off the air conditioning and the aliens who captured him choke to death in the too-dry air.


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Alien Citadel by Douglas Hill.

It has a girl named Steelfinder.

Steelfinder's eyes lit up. Lithely, she sprang to the tunnel.

An alien named Cacinnix calls one of the main male characters, Finn, a rat.

"Clever little rat," Cacinnix said through the machine.
... "...How long has my rat been wandering room to room?"

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