I have been searching for so long for a certain series of novels. The only things I remember about the series is that the covers had an eye and a house partly submerged under water. It was a series of 6 books, each with a different colour. The plot concerns a woman who mysteriously appears after a flood in a southern town ruled by the matriarch of a family. The mysterious woman ends up marrying this matriarch's son and then the fun begins: disappearances and good fortune to those who deserve it.

If this sounds at all familiar, please help.


This is the series Blackwater by Michael McDowell.

enter image description here

It is indeed a series of 6 books in the Southern Gothic genre. They concern the mysterious arrival of a woman, Elinor Dammert, to a flooded town ruled by the matriarch of a powerful family — the Caskeys. Dammert eventually marries the eldest son in the family. As the story evolves, it turns out that Dammert has a supernatural secret.

The first book was released in 1983. The covers are variations of the ones above and below, with each book having a different hue. The common element is the eye.

enter image description here

The books in the series were:

  • The Flood
  • The Levee
  • The House
  • The War
  • The Fortune
  • Rain

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