The basic premise is that someone rediscovers the formula for a drug that induces a state of ecstasy in the user. However, the side effect is that the user ends up craving blood.

I suspect I would have watched this around 2000-2002.

The scenes I remember (unfortunately):

  • Several students are using the drug
  • One of the female students has their drink spiked (I think it was a glass of milk for some reason) with the drug by her "friends".
  • She retires to bed and the drug kicks in, let's just say there's a fairly erotic scene where she umm..., "pleasures herself"...
  • She wakes up with no real memory of where she has been and proceeds to vomit blood into the toilet.
  • Because of ^^^ she goes to hospital to be checked out, and I believe that's when she realises she was drugged after a blood test.
  • She then some how has flash backs of stopping someone in a jeep with his girlfriend, then feeding/killing (can't remember the exact details here).
  • Somehow (I don't remember how) she tracks down the inventor of the original formula and he explains the effects and a couple of other bits.
  • There's a scene towards the end (a rather blood filled one) where they're in a cabin somewhere and the same female student realises that another female friend she didn't think had taken the drug, actually had done - and that she's in real danger.

I've looked at http://themovieorphan.com/vampire-movies.html and it is not listed there.

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This sounds like SideFX from 2005.

Sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll will never be the same after a medieval sex drug makes a comeback on the college party scene. Everyone wants to try this "orgasm" drug but no one considers the side effects. This drug took its first victims in 1646. The church soon discovered that the blood-drained corpses found around the countryside were due to strigol, an elixir that made select victims thirst for blood. The drug wears off in hours, but while under its influence average men turn into animals. The church destroyed much of the strigol, or the vampire, but not all. And now, it's back. It's October 2004, and some college students are throwing a party at an abandoned farm to introduce their latest discovery, AYCE, a drug they promise is like nothing else. The one person who knows the side effects arrives too late. The bash becomes a bloodbath, and for the next few hours no one knows who will become the next victim or the next vampire.

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