In Stephenson's excellent Snow Crash,

Da5id's brain is "crashed" with the Snow Crash virus. Later, the inhabitants of the raft are "rebooted" with the nam-shub of Enki...

Could this be used to heal him, or was he just screwed?

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This is never addressed overtly in the book, but my impression is that it's very likely that the Nam-Shub would do the trick. Additionally, my assumption is that if the Nam-Shub itself is not sufficient to restore Da5id's health, Juanita's newfound abilities as a ba'al-shem would be able to perform a more surgical fix.

  • Good point! I'd forgotten about that. Presumably as long as the hardware isn't too damaged, she can patch the software... Commented Feb 29, 2012 at 21:32
  • A lot of it depends on if the data is scrambled, or if the harddrive was formatted and overwritten with random patterns of 1s and 0s...
    – FuzzyBoots
    Commented Apr 22, 2016 at 4:45

I was under the impression that Da5id was permanently brain-damaged. However, in my "head canon," I like to imagine that he eventually woke up, but thought he was a Sumerian god, and started a cult.

As for the others, they were only brainwashed, not turned into vegetables, so I think they might be salvageable.

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    Welcome to SFF:SE. Head canon is exactly what this site is not about. We seek answers based on sources that can be referenced. It's easy to confuse this site for a discussion forum. I encourage you to browse through highly-voted past answers to see examples of what we're looking for. We hope you stick around and contribute. :-)
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