I am looking for the title of an annual Sci-Fi anthology book from circa 1969 or 1970. I remember two stories from it:

  1. Space fighters where the pilot is encased in a womb-like structure that protects him from damage and radiation. The pilots can only go on a certain number of missions before they begin to revert mentally into an embryonic state due to the womb like nature of their ship.

  2. A boy lives alone in a house controlled by a house "nanny" computer. His parents are dead. He cannot go outside due to the radiation from a atomic war. He spends his days living out fantasy stories in his mind. His only outside human contact is via a video link with a girl who shares his fantasies. The "girl" turns out to be an older overweight woman wearing a blond wig who is lonely and plays the child part for company. One day the computer breaks down and the boy leaves the house.

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