Did Anakin Skywalker draw upon the dark side of the Force when he slaughtered the Sand People?

The question says it all. Did he use the dark side of the Force and (assuming he did) did he know he was using the dark side?

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  • @rosesunhill Umm, did Anakin use the Dark Side side in any way when slaughtered the Sand People. I can't get much clearer than that bud. Commented Mar 16, 2016 at 0:57
  • I would assume that they answer is yes, as he is using his anger snd hatred for power, but I curently have no proof
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Yes, absolutely he did draw upon the dark side of the Force. We have a couple of sources for this;

From the (fully Disney-canon) Star Wars in 100 Scenes.

Anakin searches the desert wastes for his mother. His quest ends in grief and pain, leading to rage fuelled by the dark side of the Force. The episode is a glimpse of the future: Anakin's inability to master his emotions will lead to tragedy for himself and those he loves

and from within the Official Novelisation, it's pretty obvious that his Force abilities are being enhanced by his anger and hatred

At that time, the only meaning, the only purpose, that Anakin could fathom was that of the rage building within him, an anger at losing someone he did not wish to give up.

Some small part of him warned him not to give in to that anger, warned him that such emotions were of the dark side.

... [Anakin kills a bunch of Sandpeople using the Force and his lightsaber]

And then he was running, his strides enhanced by the Force, overcoming the fleeing creatures, slaughtering them, every one.

He didn’t feel empty any longer. He felt a surge of energy and strength beyond anything he had ever known, felt full of the Force, full of power, full of life.

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