I read a book many many years ago (20+ years at a guess)

What I can remember is:

  1. It involved all of the Brontes as children, including their brother
  2. There were toy tin soldiers that came to life
  3. There was a genie that they may have called a Djinn in the book

It wasn't by the Bronte's just fiction about them


The Twelve and the Genii by Pauline Clarke

From Wikipedia:

Max is an eight-year-old boy whose family has just moved into an old farmhouse in Yorkshire. He discovers some old toy soldiers in the attic and is surprised and delighted to find that they come to life. The soldiers, known as the Twelves, or the Young Men, have different personalities; they are brave, intelligent and very independent, not to mention argumentative. They adopt Max as one of their Genii, or protective spirits, and he begins to spend most of his time watching and thinking about them. He learns from the local parson that they once belonged to the Brontës, who wrote stories about their adventures. When his older sister Jane discovers the secret, she becomes as keen on the soldiers as Max is.

  • That's it! Brilliant. Might try to track a copy down and read it to my kids. Mar 22 '16 at 16:45

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