If I remember correctly, this was not written by a mainstream author. The cover was mostly black-and-white, showing an Asian-style drawing of a garden with the gazebo, some mountains in the distance, etc.. The plot was basically of a man that went to sleep and awoke in this gazebo in another "time/world" and what happened to him there. I sort of remember that there was a spiritual feeling to the story - almost religious - but it's been a long, long time so I could be wrong about that. I feel like he was treated as if he was a god in the "new world" where he woke up.

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    What happened to him while he was there? – Molag Bal Mar 23 '16 at 20:31
  • Welcome to Stack Exchange! Please add more details to this question - from simple things like what language it was in and whether it was a novel or a short story, to anything you can remember about the plot or what happened in the story. You may be interested in checking out our guidance on how to write a good story-ID question. – Rand al'Thor Mar 23 '16 at 20:35
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