In this post I made, I was wondering about the whereabouts of the One Above All in the Marvel Universe. Considering the events of Time Runs Out and Secret Wars, I have to wonder, since the Beyonders are from essentially outside the Multiverse, and they seem to be destroying everything in the multiverse, since they have the ability to destroy the Multiverse,

did they kill or usurp the One Above All?

Then at the conclusion of Secret Wars,

Franklin Richards is seen creating the universe as he sees fit as the current All New All Different Marvel universe is essentially the same Universe pre Secret Wars with some changes being employed such as the inclusion of Miles Morales.

So does this imply that he is the new One Above All? I don't know if there is a canonical answer to this question since no comics have been written that can confirm any of this, but it seems plausible..


Well . . . depending on how one views it, the "One Above All" will be at NY Comicon in a few weeks. Often, the term is used within the Marvel Universe to depict either Stan Lee or Jack Kirby.

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