We know there are small companies on earth like Picard's vineyard and Sisko's (Ben's dad) restaurant, but are there any large private companies that operate within Federation space like say a Procter and Gamble, FedEx, or Boeing size companies?

Private company means private company, not publicly traded stocks, etc. This question has nothing to do with the economic or monitary system or means of exchange. This has to do with any large private company that provides goods or services to others.

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    The entire economy of the federation is generally dealt with by hand waving and mumbling - can a private citizen get free travel between solar systems? What if they want to move something massive between solar systems, how do they hire a cargo ship? Who do they hire the cargo ship off of? Who built that cargo ship? If no one gets paid, why is that cargo ship crewed? Can't be very fulfilling...
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  • @MartinHandrlica Good point. I limited the question to earth as that would be sufficient to answer the curiosity.
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    If you expand this to the entire Star Trek universe (e.g. not just the Federation) this isn't a dupe. There are clearly companies that deal and trade with non-Federation cultures.
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There are several mentioned through out the series;

Dytallix Mining Company

Galactic Mining Company and here at approx 5.31

Earth Broadcasting Company

and an unnamed power company on Bajor Power Company

and several smaller ones including the ones you mentioned in your question

Quarks Bar

Chateau Picard

Sisko's Creole Kitchen

  • Nice answer. This proves there ARE larger companies operating within the Federation despite all the proclamations to the contrary. Is it suppose to be a quiet little secret none talk about and dismiss out of hand if mentioned?
    – Morgan
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  • @Morgan - There's no special indication that the Earth-based organisations were exchanging money for services.
    – Valorum
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  • @Richard no one is talking about "exchanging money". The question is about the existence of larger 'private' businesses. Not the monetary system.
    – Morgan
    Mar 31, 2016 at 16:47
  • @Morgan - Fair enough. Can you provide some evidence that the EBD and Galactic Mining companies are actually companies? I don't believe they were named in their respective episodes...
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  • @Richard that question would be better directed to sfhj_sf as it's her? answer. That's actually why I didn't accept as answered... yet.
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This is a probably duplicate of: The fates of corporations in the Star Trek universe but that question is somewhat different in focus.

There are two potential examples:

One, in the reboot continuity, there is clear product placement of Nokia phone. So if you accept that, then you infer that Nokia, or at least some corporation using that brand exists in the 2240s (Kirk is a kid).

enter image description here

Two, Broht & Forrester is a holonovel publisher from the Voyager episode "Author, Author". However, it's not really clear if this qualifies as either "large" or as a "company".

enter image description here


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