The mining ship Red Dwarf left the solar system after the accidental radiation leak that killed the crew.

We know it travelled for 3 million years - and by the time season 1 was underway they hit light speed.

Do we know how far away from Earth the ship got?


According to the script for Back in the Red, Part I, the Red Dwarf is 3 million light years from Earth. I think we can assume this number has been rounded up or down slightly.

CMO: What's this rumour that we're three million light years into Deep Space, and Red Dwarf's changed shape?

HOLLISTER: That is classified information, Karen! Who the hell told you that?

Presumably the ship was traveling at a very appreciable fraction of lightspeed for the majority of its outward journey, then continued at an unspecified speed above lightspeed for several hours before finally coming to a halt. Their return journey was at a much lower speed, allowing them to stop the ship for fun and frolics.

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    That being said, the ship has traveled through time (on numerous occasions), been stolen, traveled into an alternate universe and navigated a system of wormholes. The fact that they even have the faintest clue where they are is nothing short of amazing. – Valorum Apr 1 '16 at 18:43
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    This also neglects to mention the fact that the Milky Way galaxy is only 100,000 light years wide. – Valorum Apr 1 '16 at 18:55

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