Launch is famous, as we all know, for being a character who disappeared because Akira Toriyama forgot about her.

In the manga Launch disappears as a character but in the anime she at least has a few appearances in DBZ and made a cameo in the Majin Buu saga.

But I just do not know what became of her. What happened to her?


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After the events of dragonball, Launch stayed with Tien and Chiaotzu (despite Tien's objections) and can be seen in the saiyan saga with them and is seen at a bar drinking after Tien's death. After the Saiyan saga though she is sort of written out. We know from some filler that she is in one of the cities and offers up her energy for Goku's spirit bomb but there's not a lot else.

She fell in love with Tien at first sight but he gave her the cold shoulder focusing instead on his farming work but it is possible that they got together and she is living with him as she has been pursuing him for some time.

Pretty much everything I mentioned is here

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