At the very end of Men in Black (the movie), we zoom out into space and then eventually it appears that our galaxy is just something inside a marble that some huge alien is playing with, but we never directly see what this alien looks like... or do we?

enter image description here

If you pause on the Milky Way during zoom out, you can see a warped reflection of the alien. You can see the foot in the reflection raise up off the ground at the same time as the real alien's foot, so there is a bit of reference there, but other than that, it's hard to tell. There also appears to be an extra arm sticking out somewhere. You can also see a reflection off the marble that the alien fires the first marble at.

enter image description here

However, I can't tell what on earth I am looking at. I get confused over the fact that the fingers don't really show up in the reflection as he reaches down. In fact, the reflection sort of recedes away from the marble. So the three yellow orb things I cannot tell if that is part of the head, or an arm, or what. The other marble shows the alien as tall and hung-over in some way.

And then a final zoom out shows that there's some kind of head or blob on top of this thing.

enter image description here

Maybe someone else here has a better understand if reflection physics. What exactly do the reflections imply the alien looks like?


That interesting~ from the scene the things we know is limit,so I did the same thing,snap the film and analyze。

2.The alien's palm?(1) enter image description here

3.The alien's palm?(2) enter image description here

from the above series photo of The alien's palm?,we can see the alien stretch out the finger and ready to pick marble,also see the reflection from the marble of the alien moving the foot,looking to the upper left corner of the marble,can clearly see the shape (the alien's finger)is changing,compared to the photo(2) can see the alien's finger have't stretch out completely(like curl up),so I guess this is the reflection of the palm back of the alien。

From the yellow things you talking in the article,I guess it is the eyes of the alien,also can see the red thing with the shape like triangle,I guess it is the part of the alien's nose,so the scene we can imagine is that alien curl up the finger in front of,bend over and watching closely to the marble(including our galaxy),and then the alien raise the body,move the foot,stretch out the finger and pick up the marble。

If you looking to the The alien's palm?(2),compared to the alien's finger(not the reflection),can see has some dark spot,that is because of the alien's green skin is transparent,if you watching the scene of the alien pick up the marble,can also see there is the artery inside the alien's arm,compared to the last photo you have posted(the alien pick up the two marbles),I guess the left part is the leg of the alien,you can stop the frame and slowly play,can see some yellow thing(the organ I guess) inside the alien's leg and changing the shape like jelly。

Sum up,the thing we have known about that alien(pick up the marble at the ending of the Men in Black)is having the transparent skin,the finger and the arm,and the foot,and the head,I can't surely tell you what the alien look like,this scene is really scaring me,before I thought the director will reveal the truth in the Men in Black 3(But did't),the photo's quality I snap is not very clearly,or someone can snap this scene from Blue-ray DVD? Maybe we can see more detail~

Hope can help you~

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