In Season 10, Episode 3 Soul Survivor, when

Dean is cured, after having died and subsequently turned into a Knight of Hell

Shouldn't he die on the spot, since his body had previously been mortally wounded, to the point where he actually died?


Not necessarily

We've seen evidence that demons1 are able to repair some level of damage to their meatsuits:

  • When we see Abaddon in season 8's "Sacrifice", she doesn't have wounds around her wrists:

    Abaddon mit hands

    This, despite the Brothers having left off her hands when we last saw her (though she notably left the sutures around her neck in - maybe she liked the look?)

  • In the season 10 episode "Reichenbach", we see Dean cut his palm with the First Blade, and then heal it:

    Dean's papercut

Although this is something we've never seen another demon do (most of them don't care a whit about their meat), it's not impossible that Dean, sentimentally attached to his own body, simply healed himself.

1 Or at least Knights of Hell, which is what Dean appears to become

  • To be fair, Dean was the first demon we know was in it's original form. Most, if not all, other demons on the show were either possessing a human or in their "hellsmoke" form – geewhiz Mar 4 '17 at 1:34

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