When looking at Comixology's Witchblade page, I noticed that the header announced:

A new era starts in the Witchblade saga with the creative team of Ron Marz (The Darkness, Green Lantern) and rising artistic star Michael Choi! This new-reader-friendly issue is a perfect introduction to Top Cow's flagship character. Someone wants New York City Police detective Sara Pezzini dead, and not even the powerful supernatural artifact called the Witchblade will be enough to keep her from harm. If you've never read Witchblade, this is the place to start!

However, I failed to see which specific issue among the "Recent Additions" set on that page this description referred to.

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OK, upon some further digging, I have figured this out, so I'll answer myself in the best traditions of insanity :)

Since "Michael Choi" as an artist seemed to be the key to the new start, I searched comixology web site for "Michael Choi".

This brought up 2 hits in the series list ("Abattoir Vol. 1" and "Witchblade"), and 5 individual comics issues (Witchblade #80, #81, #85, #92, and "The Art of Witchblade").

Since the last one was clearly not a real comic issue, I looked at the earliest issue # (Witchblade #80).

Lo and behold, its description matches the description I quoted in the question 100%!


The first issue of the reboot is Witchblade #151.

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