I'm trying to find the book that is about a boy and a lizard-alien. The lizard-alien can only survive if it lives on the skin of its host as a tattoo and can only be away from its host for a set period of time before he fades. The lizard-alien is a guardian of some sort and lives by a code.

I forget what the book is about exactly. I only remember it is set in space.


This is Dragon and Thief, by Timothy Zahn

enter image description here

It could also be some other book in the Dragonback series.

This is a book about a boy who acquires a dragon-like alien that can become a tattoo.

As the rest of his body reached Polphir’s, each part altered from three-dimensional to two-dimensional form as it flowed onto his host’s body. A split second later the transformation was complete, leaving Draycos stretched like a living tattoo across Polphir’s back and legs and arms.

Indeed, the dragon will die if it is too long away from a host:

“After six hours had passed, I would die,” Draycos said softly “But I am a warrior of the K’da. I will not force myself upon you if you do not wish it.

Incidentally, this also demonstrates that Draycos lives by a code, as mentioned in the question.


Jack was his host, and there was a high debt of honor between a K’da warrior and his host.

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