I'm looking for a Harry Potter fanfic, which I had been reading on fanfiction.net. It's AU starting in the summer of Harry's second year. Harry has to stay with Snape during the summer at Hogwarts. I remember that Snape doesn't wasn't Harry in his rooms so he puts him in an attic and leaves him to his own devices. Harry sleeps on a sofa, which used to be in the teacher's lounge but Lockheart had split pink/violet ink on it. Snape goes to check on Harry to find that he has made a little den type room out of old and broken furniture.

That's as much as I can remember, thanks for any help.

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    You might consider rewriting your title to be more specific. Right now it sounds like you're asking for a suggestion of any fan fic... But it looks like you're trying to ID a specific one that you read before?
    – Catija
    May 2, 2016 at 22:50
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    Hey there. This site isn't for identifying fan fic (especially fan fic that doesn't feature sci-fi or fantasy, which your description doesn't indicate the fic you're looking for does). I'd suggest trying the Help! I'm looking for... forum at Fiction Alley, which is a wonderful, and sizable, fic archive dedicated to Harry Potter fan fiction. You might have better luck there. :) May 2, 2016 at 22:58
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    @Slytherincess Sorry, this is incorrect. Fanfic identification questions are on topic according to consensus on meta (provided it's SF/F fanfic, such as HP, of course).
    – Rand al'Thor
    May 2, 2016 at 23:04
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    @ThaddeusHowze but is that actually the answer? it could be another fic with a similar storyline...
    – user32390
    May 3, 2016 at 0:27
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    @ThaddeusHowze FWIW, I spent ten minutes or so searching for the answer to this on the internet and couldn't find it. And my Google-fu is fairly good, so it can't be that easy to find! Why not post that as an answer rather than a comment, and downvote if you feel the question is bad? While I personally don't like questions like this, it is on-topic for the site, and I can't understand why people want it closed.
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This is "The Guardian, the Ward and the Convict"

Harry spends the summer with Snape after the end of his second year:

"I'd rather spend the Summer with Snape." Harry's personal hells are swapped - summer with the Dursley's may not be much fun but surely summer with Snape will be worse? AU end of second book--- NOT SLASH

There is a couch that has been covered in ink by Gilderoy Lockhart:

There were a fair few stained items as well, including a huge couch sticking out from one wall. It was covered with a dust sheet, and when Harry lifted the sheet cautiously to peer underneath he discovered a stain that covered most of the couch in garish ink; a closer examination proved it to be the sort that Lockhart had favoured. The stain was unsightly in the extreme, which was probably why it was in the attic. When Harry sat on the couch though, he discovered it was the most comfortable thing he'd ever encountered, and when he lay down it was more than big enough to serve as a bed.

As the previous paragraph indicates, there is plenty of "old and broken furniture."

And yes, Snape does put Harry in an attic:

Behind the door were three rough steps, a landing with a second door, and then two more steps. He opened the door at the top of the fifth step and entered what appeared to be an attic. The room was round, and the view showed that he was quite high up on the roof, possibly in one of the smaller towers that sprouted off the main spires. He glanced back at the five shallow steps he'd climbed from the foyer and grinned again.


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