The question Why does R2-D2 try to electrocute Yoda? presuposses that such an attempt at electrocution occurred, something that I don't recall ever even happening in The Empire Strikes Back in the first place. When exactly does R2 try to attack or shock Yoda?

  • I'm convinced that I remember R2-D2 shocking Yoda during the fight over the lamp. False memory syndrome, perhaps.
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He doesn't.

Or at least he doesn't in the film.

Here's a complete transcript of the scene from Empire:

"With the aid of a walking stick, the tiny stranger moves over to one of the cases of supplies. He begins to rummage around.

Artoo moves to the edge of the case - standing almost eye level to the creature who is carelessly handling the supplies - and squeaks his disapproval.

Their tiny visitor pick up the container of food Luke was eating from and takes a bite.

    Put that down.  Hey!  That's my 

The creature spits out the bite he has taken. He makes a face.

    How you get so big, eating food 
    of this kind?

He flips the container in Luke's direction and reaches into one of Luke's supply cases.

    Listen, friend, we didn't mean to 
    land in that puddle, and if we 
    could get our ship out, we would, 
    but we can't, so why don't you just...

    Aww, cannot get your ship out?

The creature spots something of interest in Luke's case. Luke loses patience and grabs the case away. The creature retains his prize - a tiny power lamp - and examines it with delight.

    Hey, you could have broken this.
    Don't do that.  Ohhh... you're 
    making a mess.  Hey, give me that!

        (retreating with 
         the lamp)
    Mine!  Or I will help you not.

Clutching its treasure, the creature backs away from Luke, drawing closer to Artoo. As Luke and the creature argue, one of Artoo's little arms slowly moves out toward the power lamp, completely unnoticed by the creature.

    I don't want your help.  I want 
    my lamp back.  I'll need it to 
    get out of this slimy mudhole.

    Mudhole?  Slimy?  My home this is.

Artoo grabs hold of the lamp and the two little figures are immediately engaged in a tug-of-war over it.

Artoo beeps a few angry, "Give me thats."

    Ah, ah, ah!

    Oh, Artoo, let him have it!

    Mine!  Mine!



The creature lets go with one hand and pokes Artoo lightly with one finger. Artoo reacts with a startled squeal, and lets go.


        (fed up)
    Now will you move along, little 
    fella?  We're got a lot of work 
    to do.

    No!  No, no!  Stay and help you, 
    I will.
    Find your friend, hmm?

    I'm not looking for a friend. 
    I'm looking for a Jedi Master.

    Oohhh.  Jedi Master.  Yoda.  You 
    seek Yoda.

    You know him?

    Mmm.  Take you to him, I will.
    Yes, yes.  But now, we must eat.
    Come.  Good food.  Come.

With that, the creature scurries out of the clearing, laughing merrily.
Luke stares after him. All he sees is the faint light from the small power lamp moving through the fog. Luke makes his decision and starts after the creature.

        (in the distance)
    Come, come.

Artoo, very upset, whistles a blue streak of protest.

    Stay here and watch after the 
    camp, Artoo."

No electrocution occurs. Perhaps that asker was conflating this scene with the one where R2 himself is shocked, later in the film.

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    Mandella Effect in full force....
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