In several movies, series and books, Angels living on earth have amputated their wings - or had them amputated:

  • The Hush book-series by Becca Fitzpatrick
  • Lucifer comic-series
  • Lucifer TV-series (loosely based on the comics)
  • Legion movie
  • ( The Prophecy/God's Army movie + sequels ? )

...and probably many others.

In "Hush" it's fallen angels - those who sided with Lucifer - who had their wings amputated, before being cast down to earth. (Well, I think... I've honestly haven't read the whole book-series.) In the "Legion" movie it appears the angel cuts off his wings so he can defy God, by trying to save humanity. In "Lucifer" (TV-show... I haven't read the comics, but I think it's explained better there), Lucifer gets his wings amputated, seemingly partly to gain free will (so he can leave Hell and remain on Earth), and partly to spite God.

I was therefor wondering if there are some "religious" sources - the Bible, the Apocryphs, The Divine Comedy, Angel-myths - that establish this, that a wingless Angel got free will, or at least can somewhat defy God? Apart from this and punishment (ie. "Fallen Angels"), are there any other "common" reason and effects of angels losing/amputating/getting amputated wings?

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