Hoping for pointer to story.

Person lands on planet [having done something bad] in space lifeboat with no windows.

Planet has two or three suns.

Does bad things on planet. Small children he meets warn him about a danger.

Gets comeuppance when caught out in open when the really big blue giant sun rises and he burns quickly to a crisp

Blue sun may be named "Grandpa"

Last line may be something like "and then [through the rock he was trying to hide behind] Grandpa reached out and touched him"

Story in English

Published as part of an anthology, in a hardbound book in a school library


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This is "Page and Player" by Jerome Bixby, a novelette published in the August 1952 STARTLING STORIES and then reprinted in Andre Norton's YA anthology SPACE PIONEERS. The paraphrased line is not the last line, but there's a passage near the end of the story that corresponds:

Grandpa shoved his gigantic blue-white shoulder over the horizon and the sky seemed to explode into flame.

Blinded instantly, Jord turned and fled. He stumbled, crashed shrieking down a long slope to huddle slant-wise behind a boulder. And through the racing, churning clouds, through the uncaring stone, Grandpa reached out, touched him....

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