I am looking for a book/series written in the 1980's about twin boys. One is stolen at birth by evil monster demons and is raised by them to be evil. I believe I remember that the land in this book is divided by a line where one side is always night and is where all the evil lives. I think these twins had magic and are the children of the king. Can anyone help me? I can't remember the author or the title. I never got read the next book in the series and would love to find it again.

  • The "twins separated at birth" trope is relatively common. It's there anything else you can remember? Maybe the cover design? Identity of a minor character? Was there a lot of sailing involved? – Avner Shahar-Kashtan May 23 '16 at 4:33

Could it be the War of Light and Shadows by Janny Wurts?


Born on a splinter world, Lysaer and Arithon are half-brothers raised apart in enmity. Cast through a Worldsend Gate, they arrive in Athera, the ancient world of their ancestors cloaked in the fog of the malicious Mistwraith.

Only the combined powers of two half-brothers can challenge the Mistwraith’s stranglehold: Arithon, Master of Shadow and Lysaer, Lord of Light.

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