In The Flash season 2 finale, "The Race of His Life", after

Zoom kidnaps Joe

we are shown a scene on Earth-2, where we can see that

Zoom is still holding the masked man prisoner in his cell.

Flash later contacts Zoom and tells him

that he'll agree to the race on the condition that he brings Joe back to Earth-1 with him.

Later, Zoom agrees to this condition and appears

with Joe, but not with the masked man, who is presumably still locked up in his cell.

Yet after the climax of the episode,

Harry and Cisco are suddenly shown removing the masked man's mask, revealing him to be the "real" Jay Garrick of Earth-3, and also Barry's father's doppleganger.

When did this happen? At what point did

Earth-3 Jay crossover from Earth-2 to Earth-1? Did Zoom bring him to Earth-1 with him at the same time he brought Joe (and if so, why would he do that, when it wasn't a condition Barry imposed)? Did the heroes go to Earth-2 to go get Earth-3 Jay then come back to Earth-1 (and if so, then why did Harry and Cisco not take his mask off then, rather than waiting until they got back)?


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It's not shown but I think it's pretty obvious. Once Zoom was defeated there's no reason the team can't cross over between universes at will. Cisco just opened a portal for them and a few of them went over to Zoom's hideout to get the final prisoner.

As far as why they waited until returning to Earth-1 to unmask him, mostly likely they just didn't bring the right tools with them. They probably also wanted to examine him medically and make sure he wasn't ill or malnourished.

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    I seem to recall that earlier in the season, Barry promise the masked man that he would come back for him. With Zoom gone, he could finally do that. May 26, 2016 at 14:56

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