It is quite common for authors to make one of their characters as an alter ego of themselves - sometimes this will create an interesting characters like Hermione from HP series (alter ego of Rowling)... and sometimes Mary Sue (someone so perfect that its plainly boring).

In case of the "Sandman" series its not hard to notice that there is a stunning similarity between the author - Neil Gaiman and the Morpheus:

Neil Gaiman Dream of the Endless

Same shaggy hair, similar moody behaviour... Of course I can be wrong here(no I'm not: It seems that indeed it has been confirmed ). But if I am not, then let me follow with another question: Who's alter ego is Daniel Hall then?

The new Dream, after Morpheus' death

The new Dream of the Endless

He looks much younger than Morpheus/Neil and has quite different personality than his predecessor. Is he also somehow "related" to his author?

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    To my knowledge, it depends on the artist at the time (there's been so many character variations I'd probably need a flow chart to make sense of who was based on who). Daniel is intended to mirror Morpheus, so an easy answer would be that Daniel is another facet of Neil, just not the Neil we started with. – Radhil May 27 '16 at 12:23
  • For the counterpoint, see Gally's sources here at the Lit Stack which say Gaiman made certain personality and sartorial choices based on himself but did the original body as a mashup of someone named Peter Murphy and a male ballet dancer. – lly Jun 23 '18 at 6:52
  • The writer of your 'proof' posted there and has little to say by way of 'proof'. There's just the conceit that the Gaiman ended with reference to Shakespeare's supposed last play. – lly Jun 23 '18 at 6:57

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