In the closing chapter of The Naked God, we find André Duchamp greeted upon landing by a young man introducing himself as Charles Montgomery David Filton-Asquith, who we know as Charlie of B7. My first thought was that Charlie had sent his retired clone self to the penal planet instead of killing him off, but Hamilton explicitly calls him a young man, ruling this out.

Why would Charlie leave Earth for a penal planet?


Based on the discussion here (search for Charlie on the page), The B7 were punished for the various crimes they committed while ruling Earth and sent to the penal colony by Joshua when he was in god mode.


I assumed that as Joshua was given the ability to see/know everything he would've been aware of Charlie's "use" of louise and was probably sent there by Joshua himself when he "tied up those loose ends" at least this is what I drew from it as it seemed to make the most sense.


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