I know that she can't acquire another mutant's powers by becoming them, but what about someone like Bruce Banner? He is not a mutant, and neither is the Hulk. Banner's "power" is practically an infection or a virus. So could Mystique become Banner, then get angry to become the Hulk? Using the version of her that can change her mass.

Or you can think about it like this: If Bruce Banner gets mad, and starts becoming the Hulk, at what point in the transformation would Mystique no longer be able to become the Hulk/Banner? Sometimes the transformation takes a while if he's fighting it.

Note: I don't see how this is duplicate to this question as I am ignoring that question by assuming that she can change mass and asking another question on top of it. If you read the old version of the post I had the same thing about using the version of her that can change mass, it was just not bold.

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    also, mystique doesnt exist in the marvel-cinematic-universe – phantom42 Jun 11 '16 at 19:02
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    That question has been asked and they decided that she can look like the Hulk but not have his powers, I am thinking of this as a way for her to have his powers. Also, she does exist, because the X-Men exist, we just haven't seen her. Or have we? She can look like anyone. @phantom42 – M Barbosa Jun 11 '16 at 19:04
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    None of the X-Men films are in the MCU. – Kwola-T Jun 11 '16 at 19:12
  • Oh cool thanks @RogueJedi! I am new to this community – M Barbosa Jun 11 '16 at 19:20
  • This question was closed because the answer exists in several other questions on the site. Before attempting to reopen it please rewrite it to find a question not already discussed at length in previous Mystique answers. – Thaddeus Howze Jun 12 '16 at 17:56


Mystique only copies appearance. She doesn't copy stuff inside people's bodies or their properties.

  • She can't become strong like Adamantium or Colossus's skin
  • She can't copy powers/DNA
  • She can't copy thoughts

She wouldn't be able to copy the changes to Banner's DNA/molecular structure due to the Gamma radiation.

To boot, she probably wouldn't be able to change her mass enough to change directly into the Hulk, unless it's after her bonus-power "event".

However, even if she were able to appear just like Hulk, she wouldn't gain his Gamma-enhanced strength.

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    Does she have enough mass to become the hulk anyway? Apparently mass must not be an issue for her I guess, since she did shape shift into a small child in the movie. – Hack-R Jun 11 '16 at 21:55

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