In the movie X-Men: Apocalypse, we see a character with wings that becomes one of Apocalypse's four horseman. I would have to assume that that's Warren Worthington III aka Angel aka Archangel.

But, I don't think we ever heard a name or any sort of backstory for him whatsoever, which was odd. He was in a cage-fighting ring for some reason. That's pretty much all we got. What was the deal with that?

At both Wikipedia and IMDB, the character is credited as simply "Angel". Was it Warren, or a new character filling the same role?


While only credited as "Angel" in the film, actor Ben Hardy has participated in interviews where his character has been mentioned to be Warren Worthington III, such as this one:

So the character is indeed Worthington III.

  • the article mentions the name 'warren worthington iii'. the interview itself does not. there is no acknowledgement of the name by anyone involved in the movie. – phantom42 Jun 14 '16 at 16:29

During the cage fight, he is referred to by the ring announcer as Angel. But you’re quite right — we don’t get any details in the film about his given name or family background.

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